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About Medúzy

Hello! I'm Janel Maske, aka Medúzy. I'm a surface designer and a 3D designer. I love to armchair travel, hence the numerous map-themed designs. I also love animals (especially rodents!), machines, and sometimes people (I guess). Oh, and my computer. Where would I be without my computer??!

I got my bachelor's degree in art & design from Judson University some time ago. Since then, I have worked in various non-artsy fields. I never stopped designing and making things, though. Over the years I've made plush toys, designed a ton of fabrics, learned to quilt, fell in love with maps and geography, designed papercut lamps, and taught myself 3D design programs, among other things. Check out my design portfolio by clicking the button below.

Curious about a design? Have an idea you want me to try? Just want to chat? Send me a message!

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