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I design all sorts of things using all sorts of tools. Below you can see an assortment of my surface designs and (farther down) some 3D design projects. If you'd like to know more about me or contact me for work, check out my about page or send me a message. Thanks for looking!

Surface Design

The surface designs in this collection were created primarily for sale on Spoonflower, a print-on-demand service for fabric and wallpaper. Some were weekly contest entries with a particular theme requirement, some were designed for my own amusement. I enjoy using different techniques and styles to achieve a variety of finished creations. Click any of the above images for more information on the process of creating it.

3D Design

I became interested in 3D design when I was unable to find a part for the papercut lights I was designing. Since then I've learned at least the basics of several 3D design programs as a way to manufacture things easily. My skills here are not in the sculpting/rendering end but in the creation of functional parts, which includes a jewelry collection (which you can see in my shop here!).