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Custom message ideal for one of a kind wedding band

Do you love the Punched Tape Decoder Ring but want a message to decode? This listing is for a punched tape ring with a message of your own. Makes a very unique wedding band. Get both with a secret message, or one with message and one with decoder!


The band is 8mm tall, so you may want to increase ring size by a half size for comfort. If you're ordering this ring or the decoder ring as a wedding band, I suggest ordering in brass or bronze first to test the fit.

**Maximum number of characters varies by size of ring. Size 3 has room for up to 37 characters (including spaces), with an additional character for every half size up. So size 7 has room for 45 characters, size 11 has room for 53. And so on in that fashion.

I can do letters and numbers but not punctuation. Remember to allow a character for each space, and an extra character if you switch from letters to numbers or vice versa. 

Custom Message Punched Tape Ring

  • Each item is made to order. When you place your order, I will send a request to Shapeways to 3D print and manufacture it. This process usually takes about 3-4 weeks. As soon as I receive it from them, I finish and package it and send it to you by the shipping method you've chosen. I'll send you an email letting you know when I have shipped it to you!

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